Turkish Tunnelling Society decides to organize the "International Tunneling Symposium in Turkey” in Istanbul on 2-3 December 2017. The main theme of the symposium is “Challenges of Tunneling”.

Turkey has a great potential of both classical (NATM) and mechanized (TBM) tunneling and plans to spend 35 Billion USD for tunnelling in the near future. The geology of Turkey is very complex including North and East Anatolian Faults, tectonic activities and shear zones, rock and soil mixed and interfaced grounds, spalling and bursting rocks, squeezing and swelling grounds, blocky and highly fractured rocks and grounds under high in situ stress and water pressure and gassy rock formations. In addition to these, tunneling in shallow and unstable overburden under water table increases the potential difficulties in especially urbanized areas. Improvement of tunneling performance and optimizing the costs in those conditions require good scientific understanding, innovative technological developments and good engineering practices involving tunneling and geotechnical engineers, tunnel designers and contractors, machine manufacturers and material suppliers, and researchers.

The symposium provides a specialized forum discussing and exchanging knowledge related to classical and mechanized tunneling. It covers a wide variety of topics including ground characterization, field and laboratory tests, tunnel design, tunnel construction methods, case studies, ground treatment methods, support design, instrumented field measurements and monitoring, project and risk management, and electro mechanic works.

Turkish Tunnelling Society invites the practitioners and researchers involved with the classical and mechanized tunneling to “International Tunneling Symposium in Turkey” to share, cooperate and progress.

Prof.Dr. Nuh Bilgin
Chair of Organizing Committee
International Tunneling Symposium in Turkey